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The actual name is Integrated Device.  I.D. 


But the boys in marketing thought EyeDee was more romantic, as your literal eyeball was involved, and the term served as a dual meaning of part body, part identification. 


When the Blasts started, the human population were still using cell phones, tablets and laptops primarily to connect with one another and organize data.


The Blasts would go on to wash out about two thirds of the world's human population and the people knew a change in communication was close.


Configuring the hardware and software of a modern cell phone with nano-tech to make the parts liquified, your old phone became almost sub-atomic.  The EyeDee Nanos would then be incubated in a pool of the recipients blood for 24 hours.  Fusing that data with the person's flowing blood is what prevented the body from rejecting it.  Your EyeDee straint was then weaved into your own DNA, making it literally impossible to hack.

In a very easy way to phrase it, their phones were morphed into their bodies. 

The entire population was given the shot, even children.  The world was connected for the first time with each other.  


Most people elected to have the display resonate on their forearm, where the space is the largest.  Still, only the EyeDee's host can see their interface, providing 100% private web and chat options. 


If you would like others to see what you're seeing inside, you can "cast" the image, by pinching it from your forearm, or where your interface is placed, and flinging it to a nearby surface as a projection. 


Deale has been secretly working on an external EyeDee.  He stole a few viles of the concentrated phone strain and wanted to harvest those nanos to produce the power of an EyeDee, but wear them as glasses. 



A man named Sellar was born 133 years ago.  He still looks and is in the health of an average 30-year-old human male.

He claims that he has unknowingly cracked to the code to immortality. 


Stating that, without intention, he simply ate the right food at the exact moment, lived in the correct region, and received the correct emotional nourishment to ensure the human body machine does not expire.  So that in the near-infinite possibilities of consuming, living and experiencing, he was the one that it all lined up for.  He didn't ask, it just happened.

He knows that if he were shot, fell off of a roof, or other extreme way to die, would kill him, but he doesn't get sick, and can eat whatever he pleases.

He doesn't brag about being immortal, in fact he knows it's such a burden, he doesn't even want to speak to people, as he knows it's probably the safest thing to do.  He lives alone in an unknown location; occasionally writing to printed publications with handwritten letters to pass on higher-scope knowledge so that we may progress as a species.

He's not demanding that you take it to be Truth.  He's offering answers to those that seek it, and they can integrate that information into their lives if they choose to.  He doesn't charge anything for this knowledge.  

The world is captivated by his story.  Most people think he's making it up, and that he is part of a family of triplets that kept having identical triplets and they all keep saying they're Sellar.  People have images and video clips of him, but they charge people to see them.  And he remains unaware to all of this, because he never got an Eye Dee planted and remains unconnected to the internet. 


He says that his information is cosmic, and he's tapped into the internet of the Universe, something more powerful than any mere flesh and blood brain could possibly imagine. 


He can speak, but he talks to the general public through handwritten letters and nothing else. 

He firmly believes that there is no such thing as Innocent Victims.  You were born: Guilty, welcome to the club.  That's the most undeniable way to make things fair.  No one gets a special ride.  No one.

There are millions of people that use his message for profit.  Selling his shirts, claiming to know him, putting words in his mouth.  Charging people to come to buildings to hear lectures about him, when in fact, they have never met him.  Sellar never hurt anyone.  He loved and lost and loved again, but people made up stories about him so they may get rich.  He's just a man.  A man that is trapped with a gift that no one has ever dealt with before and it's getting harder and harder to relate to other members of the species because they only wish to focus on themselves.  

Deale, of the Rhiannon, is one of his most loyal supporters.  Deale wears the same yellow "I Believe Sellar" shirt he's had for years.  Just that one.  He doesn't need to explain why he believes Sellar is telling the truth.  He's never given money to anyone selling Sellar material.  He knows he believes Sellar, and that's his truth.  Not one cent was spent on that ideology. 


In the In Unison story, Sellar's tale is explored from start to finish. ​


When two people form a Union, or become Unionized with one other person, the bond goes beyond death.  ​

Instead of inheriting goods, when your partner dies, they inherit your karma.  Using this model, no matter how terrible your past, when you Unionize with someone, you are constantly doing good things and wanting to stay alive the longest, practically absolving your misdeeds.

This model "mate-for-life" scenario is based on who dies first.  So, if you're partner dies, you inherit everything they have done, the good and bad, connecting to your spirit.  It does not even acknowledge physical possessions.  Even if you die together in a plane crash, mathematically, someone technically died first. 


This means that you are actually competing joyfully with one another for the rest of your days to see who can do the most beneficial things the longest.

There are no contracts, no ceremonies, no divorce.  It's two humans co-existing for symbiotic benefits.

And what happens when both members of the Union die you ask?  Only those in that Union know, making it that much more beautiful for eternity. 

In the In Unison story, Sperduto and Katia become the first Rhiannon in 200 years to become Unionized.  

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